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Need an Event Photographer in Manchester?

Need an Event Photographer in Manchester?

Does your Easter event in Manchester need a professional photographer?

When you’re heading to a conference or corporate event in Manchester, the last thing you want is to be worrying about photographing it yourself. Most people want to be in the photographs and not behind the camera.

During a big event you naturally want everything photographed with professional equipment, including the well maintained DSLR camera for eye-catching results, whether there’s low lighting or fast-paced action taking place.

Dave Phillips is an events photographer who can capture the energy and atmosphere of your corporate event.

He knows how to capture vibrant and contemporary images in any given scenario, combining technical expertise with deft creatively.

Previous corporate events he’s covered include restaurant openings, exhibitions and tradeshows, company conferences, award shows and much more. As an event photographer, he works all over the UK including Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds & London.

He can really capture the unique atmosphere, energy and pizazz of any event. He always is using the best quality equipment to take all pictures and has over 15 years of experience in the industry, although he is also a lifelong photographer.

If you need an event photographer in Manchester, why not check out his gallery today?