Dave Phillips Photography

Looking For Reliable Photographers In Manchester?

 Looking For Reliable Photographers In Manchester?

If you’re searching for professional photographers in Manchester, Dave Phillips Photography is ideal for corporate clients who want contemporary and eye-catching photographs that promote and reflect the image of your business.

He is ideal for anybody looking for reliable and friendly photographer with a relaxed approach. Although based in Manchester he has worked on a wide range of projects in locations throughout the UK and beyond, particularly handy for clients with multiple sites who want consistency to their imagery.

Our photographer in Manchester covers everything from corporate portraits and events to architectural exteriors and interiors. When it comes to corporate portraits, he is great at capturing the unique personality of the individual while making them look professional and approachable at the same time and is ideal for capturing unique headshots for your website or printed materials.

You naturally have plenty of photographers to choose from in Manchester, so why choose Dave Phillips for your project?

Photographer Dave Phillips has over 15 years of professional experience but is a lifelong photography enthusiast. A well-rounded photographer, he covers a wide variety of types of photography including corporate pictures, editorial portraits, PR shots and much more.

His PR photography has been used to promote all sorts of events and businesses throughout Manchester and elsewhere in the UK, from restaurants and travel companies to sports events like marathons. 

For more information, why not browse his extensive gallery of pictures today?