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Looking For A Headshot Photographer In Manchester?

 Looking For A Headshot Photographer In Manchester?

Want quality headshots taken for your company website? If you’re based in Manchester, Dave Phillips Photography has a track-record for producing stunning portraits.  

When having this type of photograph taken, you want everything from the lighting and framing to the background to be spot on.

Headshots should give an accurate impression of who you are and your unique personality. Generally, they shouldn’t be too glamorous even if it’s a portrait for an actor; it’s important to make sure it looks like you, and it captures your character.

Dave Phillips regularly takes professional corporate headshots, many of which you can see on his online gallery.

Perfect for companies in Manchester who need this type of photography, he can ensure the results are exactly what you’re looking for. A highly professional photographer, he can take contemporary and unique images that instantly enhance the reputation of your company.

Along with corporate headshots, he also takes editorial portraits and can offer free, no obligation quotes for all his work.

These types of pictures demand more imagination and creativity than headshots and reflect the world the subject inhabits. He has photographed all sorts of clients, from sporting professionals, company directors and celebrities, to musicians and industrial workers.

If you’re looking for a headshot photographer in Manchester, why not browse his gallery today? Or simply get in touch today for more information.

07843 498 508 or email info@davephillips.co.uk