Dave Phillips Photography

Commercial And Corporate Portrait Photography

Commercial And Corporate Portrait Photography

Dave Phillips Photography produce the most professional portraits for a diverse range of clients, including commercial companies in Manchester.  

Whether you’re looking for portraits for your company website or brochures, he can ensure that your staff are presented in the best possible light, and has produced corporate photographs for all types of marketing purposes.

He can take both posed portraits and candid shots of staff in action, both of which are great for promoting your business. As a professional photographer, he always uses the best possible equipment and ensures that the finished results are of the highest standards.

Having been working as a professional photographer for over 15 years, Dave Phillips appreciates what clients look for from this type of picture.

He can take quality photographs in all kinds of settings, whether it’s your office, in a studio or outdoors. As an experienced photographer, he can also offer advice on the best environment for your commercial photography.

Dave Phillips can relax the subject to ensure he gets the best out of your commercial portraits. He will ensure that the photographs reflect the nature of your business: whether you need serious portraits for a financial organisation, upbeat pictures for a party company, or stylish pictures for a PR company, he will listen closely to your unique requirements.

Whatever project you’re undertaking this summer, simply get in touch for more information.

07843 498 508.