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Dave Phillips Photography - Manchester based professional photographer specialising in editorial portraits, corporate portraits, corporate headshots, editorial portraits, PR photography & corporate events.


New look website, cleaned and ready to go!

Although I rebuilt my website at the start of the year I wasn't really happy with the look and have learned much about SEO over the last few months. I decided the site needed to work harder for me over the last few weeks it's had an overhaul. 

Not only does the site look a lot cleaner, it also runs smoother and it better arranged. With all the main areas of my photography better organised - Corporate Portraits, Headshots, Editorial Portraits, Corporate Events, PR Photography, Architectural interiors, Architectural Exteriors and Personal work.

I've learnt a lot about web design over the last few months, the look is always important but don't forget the practical aspects as well!

Feel free to have a browse...