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Manchester Photographer - Pictures of Manchester!

Although I wasn't born in Manchester, I loved this city I've made my home from the minute I arrived. There's a feeling in the air that is hard to describe but I haven't experienced it anywhere else I've lived (and I've lived in a few places around the UK over the years!).

It's a near perfect city for creative - interesting, energetic and ever-changing. Although I class myself as a commercial photographer mostly working in the corporate sector, I still love to use any spare time I have to head out shoot urban landscapes - the reason I got into photography in the first place over 30 years ago which led me to turning professional over 15 years ago.

It may not be the main source of my income but heading out into the city helps keep the passion alive for this amazing career going. Dave Phillips Manchester Photographer - has a nice ring to it!

Manchester Photographer
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Manchester photographer
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